Federal Emergency Management Agency

Low Country Rx: Wet Floodproofing

Hurricane Ian was a reminder that flooding is an often inevitable consequence of... More

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In the News

U.S.-Canada lumber deal; FEMA guidelines; OSHA ruse; lead threat; more More


Systems-Built Solutions - Code Option Flies Out the Window - Common Code... More

Guest Editorial

The 2004 hurricanes brought catastrophe, but much of the damage could have been... More

Piling it On

Storm surge can exert pressures against pilings in the hundreds or even thousands... More

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Private-sector building inspectors; window makers avoid installer certification; FEMA report highlights garage doors in tornado failures; polyiso boards found shrinking on the job; SIPS used for Arctic shelter; more More

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Cordless battery update, lumber price predictions, “green” building defined, geothermal heat pump rebates curtailed, job-site theft, storm shelters in tornado alley, algae-resistant shingles, residential silos More

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Eight-Penny News

Referral network for insurance repairs, ambitious research into storm-resistant houses, MSDS for sawdust More

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Building With Style: Building on Stilts: Seaside Solutions

Beachfront design. More

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