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12 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Rebar

Your last truck, fridge, or microwave may have been turned into rebar at a plant... More

The U.S. Hand Tool Market

Three companies account for almost 2/3 of all sales—the top products being... More

Behr DeckOver Acrylic Coating

Available in 54 colors, DeckOver can hide cracks up to 1/4 inch wide More

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Working With Wormdrive Saws

A look at what's new in Bosch and Skil wormdrive saws. More

Home Depot Loses $257K to Double-Cart Scheme

A New York duo has been arrested and accused of using a double-cart scheme to steal $257,000 from Home Depot stores in New Jersey, New York, Maryland, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania. They allegedly loaded two carts with identical items, paid for one, and stashed the other in the store. More

Hardware Chain Sues Home Depot and Power Tool Companies

Orchard Supply Hardware, a California hardware chain, is suing Home Depot, Makita, and Milwaukee Electric Tool in federal court for restraint of trade. Orchard claims Makita and Milwaukee cut off its supply of power tools shortly after Home Depot announced plans to lock up the supply of key hardware products to counter the threat posed by Amazon and other online retailers. More

A Not So Clever Criminal

Here's someone who really hates Home Depot; fortunately he's not that good with matches. More

Supplier News: HD Refocuses on Contractors – Again

Three months after selling off its HD Supply unit, a wholesale program that... More

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