High Reach Excavator Accident

Gil Olson was operating a high reach excavator on a demolition job in Seattle when a 10-by-30-foot section of concrete came loose and fell 8 stories onto the cab. More

Massachusetts Public Housing Exec Forced Out in Salary Scandal

Massachusetts Public Housing Exec Forced Out in Salary Scandal ~ More

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Remodeling to Meet Accessibility Standards

Recently my Chicago-based construction company renovated a second-floor apartment... More

TOOLS of the TRADEshow-STAFDA 2009 Edition

Last week I attended the 33rd annual STAFDA convention and trade show in Atlanta, Georgia. Membership includes distributors, retailers, and manufacturers of light construction tools and related products. This show is always interesting for Tools of the Trade because it is where we find the latest in tools and equipment that relate closely to the trades of our readers. More

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Wall Bracing and the IRC

Section R602.10 of the International Residential Code calls for "braced wall lines... More

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HUD issues lead regs; making drywall from smokestack sludge; new technology yields straighter studs; wastewater disposal in Alaska; more More

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Is lumber quality improving?; failing GFCIs; tools recalled; reusing wastewater out West; more More

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Rebar safety caps; junction box fits peak of cathedral ceiling; new drywall anchor; fold-up wheelbarrow; plastic structural lumber; drywall repair compound; shingle clips hold tools while you work on the roof; more More

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Steel framing guides More

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