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Slide to the Left Chisel Sharpener

By sliding back and forth (in a dovetail aluminum channel) the M-Powertools... More

Two Good Work Lights

Durability, low heat output, and simple controls make these LED lights worth... More

A Strange Miter Saw Table Saw

Long available in Europe this type of combination benchtop machine has finally... More

RoboReel Air

The electric motor in this orb shaped device automatically reels in your air hose. More

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Conditioning Homes

A recipe for eliminating interior callbacks More

M.Power CRB7 Combination Router Base Set

The CRB7 router base, compatible with most routers, adds functionality. Using the... More

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PSS1 Sharpening Tool

A handy little system for honing blades on the job site More

Product Watch: Easy Scriber

Most carpenters scribe with a compass or a small block of wood. That works fine... More

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