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The Importance of Remembering Sept. 11

Los Angeles–based architect Paul Murdoch reflects on what the Shanksville, Pa.,... More

Compared to Dave Kloke’s Hobby, Your Hobby is Lame

Would you have the tools and know-how to build an1860s locomotive from scratch? More

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Boston Harbor Lighthouse Gets A New Owner, And A Future

Special-effects expert Dave Waller has a new project to keep him busy in his spare time: restoring and preserving a historic lighthouse at the outer edge of the Boston Harbor. More

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Q&A: Choosing and Finishing Porch Boards

Q: I am planning to replace the porch floor on a 120-year-old Victorian home. Since cedar and redwood seem too soft for a porch floor, I am choosing between tongue-and-groove yellow pine, vertical-grain fir, and mahogany. Can you explain the advantages and disadvantages of these species when used for a porch floor? As for the finish, I’m considering a transparent oil stain, because deck paint is slippery to walk on, and the stain will allow the wood grain to show through. It’s also an advantage that a stain will not peel. What is your advice? More

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Builder's Library: Historic Preservation Briefs
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Restoration Primer: Historic House Plans
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Restoring & Repointing Brick Masonry

How modern and traditional techniques can work together to preserve deteriorating masonry. More

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Restoration Primer: Pieces of the FedReg Puzzle

Putting together the FedReg puzzle. More

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