Panasonic 28.8-Volt Rotary Hammer

New from Panasonic, the 28.8-volt lithium-ion rotary hammer, model EY7880LN2S,... More

Launch Time: Panasonic 21.6V Drill Driver

The 21.6V Drill Driver from Panasonic (model EY7460LN2S) delivers 575 inch-pounds... More

Tool Test: Cordless Circ Saws

When I began working in the building trades some thirty-plus years ago, carpentry... More

Cordless Rotary Hammers

As a self-employed contractor in New England for nearly 30 years, I've relied on... More

Cordless Drill/Drivers

As both a master plumber and master electrician, I drill more holes for pipe and wire in a day than most tradesmen might in a week. It seems like I've got a drill in my hands most of the day, and more often than not it's a cordless tool. Using cordless drills improves convenience, safety, and speed for most of my jobs, and unless I'm drilling large-diameter or very deep holes, my cords stay in the van. More

Cordless Impact Drivers: the Ultimate Deck-Building Tool?

Manufacturers make big power and speed claims for these little tools so I had to check them out. More

Battery Battle

Tool companies have increased cordless tool voltages, broadened their lines, and fine-tuned their efficiencies. Now they're focusing on battery technologies. More

2001 Editors' Choice Awards

presents our annual awards recognizing innovation and leadership. More

Metal-Cutting Circ Saws

You can't flip open a window in a skyscraper, so we usually end up working in... More

Nine Cordless Impact Drivers Tested

My college rugby coach used to encourage the small guys on our squad (me) by... More

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