Simpson Strong-Tie Co.

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Prefabricated Wood Shear Wall

Made of laminated strand lumber with pre-attached hold-downs, it can be trimmed in... More

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Fire-Retardant Subfloor Screw

A coating on the WSVF screw helps resist corrosion from contact with... More

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Deflector Screw Fasteners

These screws are designed to provide lateral resistance to nonbearing partition... More

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Mass Timber Fasteners and Connectors

Structural wood screws from Simpson Strong-Tie More

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Decorative Wood Connectors

Simpson Strong-Tie’s Outdoor Accents Avant code-listed connectors and fasteners... More

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Concrete Repair Epoxy

Simpson Strong-Tie’s new line of structural epoxy products can be applied at a... More

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Code-Listed Post Bases

Simpson Strong-Tie’s MPBZ line of column and post bases are available in 4x4, 6x6,... More

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Re-engineered Subfloor Screws

Simpson Strong-Tie Strong-Drive WSV Subfloor screws were re-engineered from head... More

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Brick-Veneer Connector

Simpson Strong-Tie’s BVLZ brick-veneer ledger provides a code-compliant solution... More

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