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Number of LEED Homes Has Doubled in Three Years

California has the most LEED-certified homes, followed by New York and Texas. More

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Dallas Implements Green Building Code

Starting October 1, new homes in Dallas, Texas must be “certifiable” under LEED guidelines or meet equivalent city standards. More

Project Profile: An Energy Makeover in Maine
Maryland Adopts Green Construction Code
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JLC Report: Passive House Seeks Broader Appeal

Passive House seeks broader appeal; proposed code changes stir controversy in North Carolina; more More

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Is Rain-Screen Siding Worth the Effort?

It's good insurance against problems caused by wind-driven rain, but experts wonder whether the additional cost is necessary. More

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Lawsuit Claims LEED Certification Is False and Misleading

Class action suit holds that the "green" project rating system is just a marketing gimmick that harms the interests of non-LEED building performance experts. More

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Maine Gets Its First Statewide Code

It’s long been known that sunlight reflected from low-E windows can melt vinyl siding, but the management of a “green” Las Vegas hotel is confronted by a similar problem on a vastly larger scale. More

IRS Steps Up Enforcement of Subcontractor Laws

IRS enforces subcontractor laws; in-house recycling; helpful Web site; more More

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JLC Report: Skepticism Greets California Green Building Code

Skepticism greets California’s green-building code; a closer look at green paints; Hitachi recalls coil framing nailers after injuries; more More

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