David Sharpe

Trim Routers

When you're working with historic buildings, there's one thing you can depend on:... More

Coil Roofing Nailers

Coil roofing nailers are the most abused tools on my jobsite. They withstand... More

14-Inch Band Saws

Before I went into woodworking and custom boat building, I built and remodeled... More

Laminate Countertops

OK, I know what you're going to say–building laminate countertops is crazy. And... More

Brad Nailers

Small brad nailers play a big role when it's time for trim-out. More

3-HP Cabinet Saws

The undisputed king of the woodshop is the 10-inch cabinet saw. Along with a good... More

Utility Knives

When I started in construction, I pilfered a bunch of tools from my father, among... More

Cordless Jigsaws

The cordless jigsaw category is open for business. We compared five models for... More

Worm Drives/Hypoids

Getting framers to tool-test wormdrive saws is like convincing kids to eat ice... More

Rotary Hammers

If your hammerdrill struggles in concrete packed with heavy aggregate or while... More

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