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Bosch T4B Miter-Saw Stand

The Bosch T4B's solid-rubber tires roll over rough terrain and make it easier to... More

Combination Jab Saw/Utility Knife

I've been testing tools for years and am on a lot of mailing lists, so new tools... More

Buying a Portable Generator

Get the right size machine with built-in GFCI protection and – if you need it –... More

First Test: DeWalt's New Framing Saw

Wormdrive saws are known for being plenty strong – and plenty heavy too. And as it... More

First Test: High-Pressure Pneumatics

Makita is bringing its high-pressure nailer line to the U.S., and we were the... More

First Test: Bosch's First-Ever Nailer

Out West where I build, the Big Three of framing nailers are Hitachi, Paslode, and... More

First Test: The New Nail Bangers

Tools of the Trade rounded up nine waffle-faced framing hammers from around the globe and put them out on a Colorado jobsite with 15 framers, lead by regular contributor Michael Davis, to see how they'd stack up. Here's what we learned, in order of increasing appreciation. More

Modern Marvels

I never gave much thought to work gloves. They were just another part of my work... More

Worm Drives/Hypoids

Getting framers to tool-test wormdrive saws is like convincing kids to eat ice... More

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