Mike Guertin

Testing Single Posts vs. Railing Assemblies

The president of a post-anchor manufacturing company weighs in on load testing of guardrail posts and assemblies More

Attaching Posts to 2x6 Framing

A PDB author responds to a reader's question about blocking details for guardrail post kits More

Field-Treating Pressure-Treated Pine

Even though it's not required by code, it's a good idea to treat all cuts and penetrations in PT pine with copper naphthenate-if you can find it More

Rules for Mid-Stair Landings on Decks

Should the landing be treated as part of the stairs, or as a separate deck? More

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Integrating Headers into the Floor Framing

Mike Guertin explains how rim joists can act as headers in a wall system, and how... More

Diablo Demo Demon Carbide Tip Recip Blades

These blades are great for cutting abrasive material but perhaps not the best... More

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Flashing a Curved Window With Straight Flashing

Mike Guertin has a method for flashing around a curved window when all he has on... More

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JLC June Letters

Risinger’s recent video sparks a debate about Tyvek, and a reader takes issue with foam-slicing saws. More

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JLC May Letters

Tips for soldering a lap seam; the usefulness of the GRK lap harness; and the future of vocational training. More

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JLC April Letters

Joists in an old floor, repairing a concrete slab in an old floor, and more. More

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