Mike Guertin

Metal Connector Nailers

As building codes address wind-zone construction with extra vigor, more metal... More

Roof Mates Air Knife Pneumatic Shingle Cutter

Roof Mates' new Air Knife is a real knuckle saver. A cross between a pneumatic... More

Laminate Countertops

OK, I know what you're going to say–building laminate countertops is crazy. And... More

Utility Knives

When I started in construction, I pilfered a bunch of tools from my father, among... More

Valley Techniques

There are lots of techniques for shingling a valley–woven, cut, open metal... More

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Best-Practice Wall Shingles

A rain screen offers the ultimate defense against water intrusion, provided you... More

Muro FDVL 41 Auto-Feed Screw Gun

Also: Muro Speed Driver; folding Gomboy handsaw; easy-to-use Plumb-Rite plumb bob; fast-cutting Diablo saw blade More

Maine Deck Brackets Are Easy to Flash Around

Also: Rosboro Treated Glulam beams allow for long spans; preformed Joist Jackets; Invisi-Fast fasteners; Cabot finishes for composites and hardwoods More

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Decorative Shingling

Distinguish your sidewall work with this easy-to-build diamond design More

Framing Gable and Shed Dormers

Whenever adding any type of dormer, it's essential to determine the roof load and... More

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