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Applying square-foot costs, using job descriptions to train and motivate, tracking... More

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Strictly Business: Striving for Satisfied Clients

Gaining satisfied customers More

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Using Lead Carpenters: Four Case Studies

This article will give you a close-up look at how four companies have made the lead carpenter system work for them. More

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Working Smarter With Lead Carpenters

A production manager for a large remodeling firm explains how the lead carpenter system improves communication, increases job efficiency, and boosts profits. More

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How to Manage More Than one Job

A veteran production manager describes the systems he’s developed to delegate authority, organize the paperwork, and keep the lines of communication open. More

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The One-Man Crew

In most cases, the more worker on site, the less efficient the crew. A field production manager tells how to get more out of less. More

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