Finish Treads and Risers

First Tread

After gluing and nailing the first tread at every point of contact, the author screwed the second riser to the rear edge of the tread.

First Tread: Blocking Between Stringers

Solid blocking was installed between all the stringers and to form a pocket to secure the newel post.

First Tread: Securing the Newel

After installing the first tread, the author used a story stick to locate the underlying pocket, then used a router to cut a hole in the tread to receive the 4x4 post. The newel was glued and screwed in place.

Finish Treads and Risers

The remaining treads and risers were measured, cut, and installed one at a time as the author worked his way up the stairs.

Open Skirtboard

Where the lower six treads have an open skirtboard, the author used a multi-tool to complete the groove in the riser to receive the tongued tread (left). A portion of the open skirtboard miter is cut away (right).

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