Making the Skirtboards

Cut-Off Model

The author made a cut-off model out of the owner-supplied oak treads and poplar risers to trace their locations on the skirt boards. The risers have grooves to accept the tongues along the back edge of the treads.

Tracing the Treads and Risers on Skirt Boards

The cut-off model was used to trace the tread and riser outlines onto the skirtboards at each step. Here, the model is used to check the routed cuts of a tread and riser on a housed skirtboard after being retacked into place.

Routing the Skirtboards

The author used a router template and a top-bearing straight bit to cut 3/8-inch-deep recesses into the skirtboards.

Routing the Skirtboards

He finishes up the two-piece skirtboard.

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