Roof-to-Sidewall Transitions and Terminations

Adequate lap up the side wall,  a firm connection, and a careful top flashing are important.

Details Matter

This EPDM roof turns about 10 inches up the wall (8 inches is BOWA's normal requirement), and a termination bar holds it firmly in place. Sealant at the top edge prevents water from leaking behind it. Finally, the weather-resistive barrier (WRB) on the wall is pulled out in front of the roofing material.


A tall stainless steel Z-flashing connects a PVC roof to the stucco to be installed later. This maintains clearance and allows the roof to be reworked later.

EPDM Meets Masonry

A termination bar fastened to brick at the top edge of an EPDM roof will be covered by a metal flashing cut in to the joint above in this solid masonry wall.

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