Slideshow: Ridgid ProPack Vacuum

See the accessories, filter, storage, and more.

Slideshow: Ridgid ProPack Vacuum

Ridgid ProPack 4.5-gallon wet/dry vac. Totally cubular


On-board storage for wands. This is a snag point, but not a big one.


The handle is stout. The paddle switch big and easy to depress. The latches catch and release nicely.


Covered storage for accessories. I ended up using the dust brush more than any other attachment. The port on the right is the exhaust/blower. Even it’s housed. Deluxe.

Hose and Cord Storage

Hose, cord, and crevice tool storage. It’s a little fight to get them back in the compartment, but not bad. The hose has a port you can use to dial down from full suction. I didn’t user it much.

Doors Up

“Open the pod bay doors Hal.” Wait, that one doesn’t end well. But this does: The compartment doors stay up and don’t interfere with the handle. This vac is genius I tell you.


The pleated paper filter is typical. It’s held on by its rubber body though, not a wing nut, so there’s nothing to drop in the dust and customer’s cat hair when removing it for cleaning.


While the cord is plenty long (20-feet), there’s almost always an extension cord on site I prefer to use instead, so I just let the cord end dangle like a dongle.

Highly Mobile

A cube of great awesomeness, it stores sensibly—perfect for my service body remodeling-mobile.

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