Adobe Stock/Alexandr Ivasenko

In addition to contributing to longer construction cycle times and rising construction costs, labor- and supply chain-related issues have also caused a shift in builder choices of home features, products, and materials, according to the 2022 Builder Practices Survey conducted by Home Innovation Research Labs.

The pandemic has accelerated some trends, including the increased inclusion of outdoor living areas in new homes. Conversely, some trends have reversed in the past year, with some builders adopting new products and materials, or going back to old standbys, when high prices and lack of availability slowed building processes.

While builders hunkered down and accepted delays and price hikes during the period of shortages and skyrocketing lumber prices in 2021, Ed Hudson, director of market research for Home Innovation Research Labs, says the 2022 survey indicates builders are making changes in product choices for some building material categories to mitigate pricing and availability challenges.

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