After Debate, Alabama Retains Arc-Fault Requirement for New Houses

Alabama's building code will continue to reference the National Electrical Code (NEC), which requires arc-fault circuit interruptors. More

Andy’s Paulk-Inspired Miter Saw Stand

This light-weight home-made stand sets up quickly, supports wide material, and can... More

Alabama Court Broadens Builders Insurance Coverage for Damage from Defective Work

An Alabama Supreme Court decision marks a growing trend in the states to honor builder insurance claims for damage from bad work performed by subcontractors. More

Better Job-Site Photos

These simple photo composition and editing tips will improve your project photos... More

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Alabama: Neighbors Band Together to Save a Neglected Mansion

Hidden behind vines and overgrown trees, the stately old Montgomery, Ala., house... More

Katrina FEMA Trailer Makers Offer $14 Million Settlement in Formaldehyde Lawsuits
In Tornado Aftermath, Alabama Moves Ahead with Statewide Code

In Tornado Aftermath, Alabama Moves Ahead with Statewide Code More

Seawalls Sprout in front of Dauphin Island Houses
Alabama Contractors Scramble to Replace Hispanic Workers
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Engineer's Assessment of Tornado-Damaged Homes

As a structural engineer with the APA/Engineered Wood Association, I perform... More

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