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US Mega-Builders Hold Mineral Rights Under New Homes

A Reuters special report says production builders in dozens of states are “hoarding” the rights to oil, gas, and other mineral resources in the ground under the new homes they sell — often without the knowledge of home buyers. More

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Sanitizing and Drying Out

After removing the water and wet building materials from a flooded structure, the next crucial step is to clean and sanitize the building as needed and to thoroughly dry both living and storage spaces. More

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Pumping and Mucking Out

After you can gain safe re-entry to a salvageable building damaged in a flood disaster, the first step is to evacuate the water and remove the soggy debris. More

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Breaking Coverage: After the Flood

Pictures and videos of Boulder Creek raging through dowtown Boulder CO on the... More

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Are Lawyers Crushing The Condo Market In Denver?

Big builders and developers are bowing out of the condo business in Denver, Colorado. Is it because of the out-of-control construction defect lawsuits? More

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Solving a Mysterious Leak on a 'Butterfly Roof'

How a tiny but ongoing and elusive leak in a TPO roofing membrane can lead to... More

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Home Price Rises Moderate

The housing market still has momentum, according to the latest numbers. But the price rises appear to be slowing. More

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Colorado Ponders Statewide Code In Wildfire Zone

A governor’s commission is split on whether the state should require fire-resistance measures for homes in the urban-wildland interface. More

Doubled Joist Prevents Cracked Decking

Builder Ben Roberson advises doubling up the joists beneath butt joints between... More

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