Code Change Cans Cookouts in CT Condos and Apartments

Thousands of apartment dwellers and condo owners will no longer be able to use a grill on their decks, thanks to a change Connecticut's recently revised Fire Prevention Code, which prohibits the use and storage of any type of grill or cooking device on decks, beneath overhangs, or within 10 feet of the building. More

Sandy Rebuilding Boosts a Modular Builder

When a house needs replacing on the insurance company dime, the speed and economy of modular offers an edge. More

North of New York, the Water is Hot, Hot, Hot

Near the beach in the upscale bedroom communities of Connecticut, home construction is red hot — and teardowns are at the center of the action. More

The Mini Shop on Wheels

Brian Way’s incredible tool cart is worth a closer look. More

Shop on Wheels Toolbox Tour

The mechanics box in the back of this truck is an example of what can be done if... More

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December 2014 Letters

House on wrong lot; OSHA; I-joist roofs; home-performance contracting profitable where energy prices are high More

Should Codes Require Wind Upgrades When Homes are Elevated?

A Connecticut news site wonders why flood-resistant provisions are required in some Connecticut coastal remodels, but wind-resistant improvements aren’t. More

Can’t Get it Yet: Hangman Tool Holder

This aluminum accessory locks solidly into the hollow rung of an extension ladder... More

Brian's Way Cool Shop on Wheels

The only thing this shop in a box truck doesn’t have is a street address. More

Jim Chestnut Cuts Quicker With the Clam Clamp

After growing frustrated with traditional miter clamps, Jim Chestnut added... More

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