District Of Columbia

Milwaukee M18 Cordless Magnetic Drill

Mag drills aren’t for everyone, but this one will be a big step forward for the... More

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In the D.C. Market, Mixed Feelings about Teardowns

Teardowns are changing the face of the Washington, D.C., suburbs — and nostalgia for the old neighborhoods isn’t enough to stop some suburban owners from jumping on the bandwagon. More

If Clamp Meters Could Speak

The Fluke 325 and Klein CL2000 beg to disagree. More

Milwaukee Jobsite Radio-Charger With Bluetooth

With this M18 unit you can charge batteries and play the audio you want without... More

DeWalt LED Area Lights

These two cordless work lights accept 18-volt and 20-volt max batteries and with... More

Compared to Dave Kloke’s Hobby, Your Hobby is Lame

Would you have the tools and know-how to build an1860s locomotive from scratch? More

A Floating D.C. Neighborhood Thrives — But for How Long?

The Gangplank Marina on the Washington, D.C., waterfront is home to an unlikely community of full-time boat dwellers. But a redevelopment plan means they may have to move. More

Truckin' Around: Electric GEMs

Global Electric Motorcars, or GEM vehicles (a Chrysler company), are finding... More

First Test: Porter-Cable's High-Tech Sander

Porter-Cable's new 390K 5-inch random orbit sander looks different because it is... More

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