The Swing Saw

This scary vintage machine is not for use by the faint of heart. More

Savannah, Georgia Economy Gathers Steam

The Lowcountry is looking up, university economists report. More

Thermite Welding Railroad Track

Unlike conventional welding methods, this makes use of a readily ignited aluminum-based powder. More

Getting Into Hardscaping

Expand your deck business by partnering with a patio contractor More

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Treat or Replace Pet-Stained Subfloor?

Should subflooring that has been stained with dog urine be torn out and replaced before a new hardwood floor is installed? More

Good Roof, Bad Stairs

A short riser in a photo in an article on roofs catches a reader's attention More

Savannah, Georgia, Economy Shows Increasing Strength

Georgia’s chief coastal metropolitan area shows continued signs of economic resurgence, according to a university report. More

Designing Porch Roofs

Sure, shed roofs are easier to frame, but a gable roof will add a 'wow' factor to... More

Pivoting Screen Door

Thanks to a little ingenuity, the door virtually disappears when it's closed More

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