Hawk 1, Drone 0

An angry hawk takes down a DJI FC40 quadcopter flying over Cambridge, Massachusetts More

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To the Lighthouse

It's not your typical summer-home renovation, but you can't beat the view. More

Irwin Vise-Grip Max Leverage Diagonal Cutting Pliers

These German-made compound action pliers greatly reduce the amount of force it... More

Cape Cod Homebuyers Weigh Erosion and Climate Concerns

Cape Cod seaside properties are high-value real estate. But after seeing shorelines change from one season to the next, some buyers are having second thoughts. More

Custom Railings

While rail kits are popular, some deck builders prefer to distinguish their... More

For Sale (Or Free): Lots of Lighthouses

Anybody want a lighthouse? Your country has a few that it wants to get rid of. More

Milwaukee M18 FUEL Sawzall

The speed and runtime of this cordless recip saw convinced one contractor to retire his corded model. More

A Ground-Source Heat Pump for an Oceanside Home

Coastal Connection goes on site to see the wells drilled for a geothermal heating and cooling retrofit. More

Lateral Bracing for a Second-Story Deck

There are alternatives to using the lateral-load anchors described in the IRC, if... More

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Building a Passive House for the First Time

Builder Farley Pedler delves into high-efficiency Passive House construction by... More

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