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House Move: Saving a Luxury Home From Beach Erosion

When a compromised island setting requires moving not one, but four, massive structures, the logistical challenges are daunting and the process is nothing short of impressive. More

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Heat Pumps for Cold Climates

Mini-split heat pumps were a major topic at the Northeast Sustainable Energy... More

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Renting the Sun

For a very minimal down payment, I will have a low fixed price per kWh for the next 20 years—basically renting the sun. More

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EPA's Wood Smoke Plan Draws Fire

Are the wood stoves allowed under the EPA's proposed wood smoke plan too costly? Depends on how you calculate the cost. More

End of the Road for Perennial Wood?

After a promising beginning, Eastman Chemical decides to drop their Perennial Wood acetylated wood decking and porch flooring business More

Keeping Concrete Mix Dry

All it takes is a couple of scrap 4x4s and two contractor trash bags More

Why Does Flood Insurance Pay Over and Over Again on Flood-Prone Homes?

A coastal Massachusetts home, repeatedly rebuilt with insurance money after damaging floods, draws criticism as an example of what’s wrong with U.S. flood policy. More

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Staying Warm on the Job

In my fifteen years as a carpenter, I know that I struggled to keep myself warm... More

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New Joists for an Old Floor

The best remedy for a sagging out-of-level floor is putting in new LVL joists and... More

Lateral Bracing Alternatives

Anchoring decks to the foundation rather than to the interior framing simplifies a... More

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