New Jersey

Massive Jersey Apartment Fire Prompts Calls for Tougher Codes

A catastrophic blaze in a New Jersey apartment building has local and state leaders wondering if the state’s fire codes are up to snuff. More

Jersey Congressmen Look to Stop FEMA "Clawbacks"

FEMA says it overpaid some homeowners who got federal help after Hurricane Sandy. Now FEMA wants the money back — but two lawmakers say the government should lay off. More

Federal Judge Upholds Penalty on Sandy Flood Insurance Company Lawyers

Federal District Court Judge Joseph Bianco has reaffirmed a magistrate’s financial penalty on lawyers for a flood insurance carrier for concealing details of the back-office revision of field investigative reports into Hurricane Sandy coastal flooding damage claims. More

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Storm Brewing over New Lead Paint Law

Will other states follow Maryland's lead enacting a sweeping new lead paint law... More

Red Tape and Delay Dog Sandy Recovery

Many Hurricane Sandy victims have been ruled eligible for federal help, but are still waiting for the government to issue any funds. More

New Jersey’s Flood Buyouts Happening Near Rivers, Not the Ocean

One of the ways FEMA tries to limit flood risk is by purchasing properties that flood too often and tearing them down, leaving the land undeveloped. New Jersey’s buyout program, backed by Federal money, is making progress — but not on the state’s heavily built-up coastal barrier islands. Instead, the New Jersey program is buying out and tearing down inland properties in low-lying river bottom land. More

Judge Slaps Insurance Company Lawyers in Sandy Flood Case

Are flood insurance carriers fudging homeowner claim paperwork after catastrophic storms? A federal magistrate in a Long Island Hurricane Sandy-related flood insurance lawsuit has sanctioned insurance company attorneys for failing to tell the whole story. More

Home Elevation Costs Higher For Jersey Program

Participants in a New Jersey recovery program are paying much higher than market rates to have their houses elevated, a local paper reports. More

The New Jersey Shore, Two Years After Sandy

It has been two years since Superstorm Sandy wreaked havoc on the Jersey Shore. On the storm’s anniversary, the press is taking stock of the present situation. More

Building Market Bouncing Back on Jersey Barrier Islands

They’re building houses again on the New Jersey shore. Lots of houses. More

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