New Jersey

Will Summer Bring a Rebound for the Jersey Shore?

It’s going on two years since Hurricane Sandy slammed the Jersey Shore. Is the region primed for a comeback? More

Adding Skylights to a Deck

Structural glass panels can be installed in a deck to bring natural light to the... More

Concrete Lumber

Made from a cementitious composite, this lumber promises durability and strength More

New Jersey State Program Wrongly Denied Sandy Aid, Report Says

A contractor hired to administer New Jersey recovery aid after Hurricane Sandy wrongly denied grants to thousands of applicants, a nonprofit agency claims. In response to the report, the state has extended the deadline to appeal aid denials until March. More

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New Jersey May Require Sprinklers In New Homes

A fire sprinkler mandate has passed the New Jersey Assembly and has received a favorable committee vote in the state Senate. More

Sandy Insurance Payouts by County (New Jersey)

Non-flood policies paid out $4 billion on damaged New Jersey cars, homes, and businesses in the year after Hurricane Sandy. Here is a county-by-county look. More

Flood Risk Splits the South Shore Housing Market

Flood insurance costs are affecting home prices on Long Island’s South Shore, with houses nearer the water selling for less — especially if they haven’t been elevated. More

House-lifting – and dropping – Puts Spotlight on Home Elevation Contractors

New Jersey and New York contractors have elevated hundreds of houses since Sandy, and have thousands more to lift. But accidents are drawing attention to their qualifications. More

Ideas to Protect Coasts from Storm Surge

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner! Well, ten winners in the first round of a public-private initiative to develop good ideas for protecting New York and New Jersey from coastal flooding. More

Building on Wetlands May Have Worsened Sandy's Impact

Development in recent decades may have degraded some of the natural barriers... More

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