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New York Trench Death Draws Manslaughter Charge

New York City prosecutors are charging construction company owners with manslaughter in the death of 22-year-old Carlos Moncayo in an April excavation collapse. More

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Long Island Windstorm Spotlights Vulnerable Grid

It was no hurricane or tornado — but a recent thunderstorm squall line crossing Long Island showed that the region’s power grid has a few weak spots. More

Prison Escape Tools

How long would it take to cut your way out of a maximum security prison with a... More

Hamptons Homeowners Fight to Squelch “Truck Beach” Revels

On New York’s Long Island shores, beaches can be a high-value amenity. But they can also be a source of trouble. More

FEMA To Ask Homeowners if they Want to Re-Open Sandy Flood Claims

The Federal Emergency Management Agency, taking ownership of widespread claims adjustment problems in the National Flood Insurance Program, will offer to re-open any flood insurance claim stemming from Hurricane Sandy, a New Jersey Congressman reports. More

Thinking Inside the Box: Modular Micro-Apartments for Singles Take Shape in New York

You’ve heard of “tiny houses” ... here come tiny apartments. More

Texas Trial Lawyer Mostyn Changing the Game in Sandy Insurance Battle

An engineering firm is raided by prosecutors, an insurance company offers a full payout, and FEMA looks to settle more than a thousand cases as lawyers for homeowners start to play hardball in the Sandy flood insurance fight. And this might be just the beginning. More

Affordable Housing for New York's Sandy-Flooded Areas?

New York Mayor Bill deBlasio says he wants to create tens of thousands of housing units for regular New Yorkers. But it won’t be easy. More

Federal Judge Upholds Penalty on Sandy Flood Insurance Company Lawyers

Federal District Court Judge Joseph Bianco has reaffirmed a magistrate’s financial penalty on lawyers for a flood insurance carrier for concealing details of the back-office revision of field investigative reports into Hurricane Sandy coastal flooding damage claims. More

Red Tape and Delay Dog Sandy Recovery

Many Hurricane Sandy victims have been ruled eligible for federal help, but are still waiting for the government to issue any funds. More

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