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Can the Housing Market Recover?

Sales of newly built homes surged last month to the highest level since 2008. But overall the housing market's slipped. More

Hurricane Sandy Victims Still Waiting as New York's "Build it Back" Program Accomplishes Little

Rigid bureaucracy, poor administration blamed as New York recovery program leaves flooded-out residents stranded. More

Two Great Cities, Two Sea-Level Rise Problems

New York and Miami both face a long-term threat from rising seas, and billions of dollars are at stake. Here’s a look at their problems, and their approaches to a solution. More

More on Deck Failures

A code enforcement officer in the Buffalo, N.Y., area believes that most decks would fail if loaded to their code-required design capacity More

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Number of LEED Homes Has Doubled in Three Years

California has the most LEED-certified homes, followed by New York and Texas. More

Sandy Aid Disparity with New York Puzzles New Jersey Officials

Why is New York getting so much more Hurricane Sandy recovery money than New Jersey? More

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Mixed Reality: The Future of Building Design?

Is augmented reality just a smart-phone party trick or could it be solace for an increasingly populated planet? More

New York City Rebuilding Program Draws Fire for Lack of Results

A year and a half after Hurricane Sandy flooded the city, New York’s “Build It Back” program “hasn't actually built anything back yet,” City Council members complain. More

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New York Couple Gets $6 Sandy Aid Award

The wheels of New York State government may grind slowly, but they grind finer than the espresso at your local Starbucks. More

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Steam Heat vs. Hydronic Heat

A reader ponders whether to stick with steam or convert to hydronic. More

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