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New York Sidewalks are Hot—In More Ways than One

New York City sidewalks are full of energy—sometimes intentionally, other times not. More

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Slideshow: Brooklyn Passive House Mechanicals

Here’s a sneak peek at the Mitsubishi ducted mini-split heat pump and Zehnder energy recovery ventilator roughed-in at a Brooklyn, New York, passive house retrofit we’ve been following. More

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Brooklyn Brownstone Makeover: The Energy Analysis

This winter, JLC is following the deep energy retrofit of a brick brownstone row house in Brooklyn, New York. This week, we talk to Passive House consultant Cramer Silkworth about the energy efficiency details for the home, including the mini-split air source heat pump heating and cooling system and the energy recovery ventilator. More

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Brooklyn Townhouse Makeover: Reinforcing the Floor

Engineered beams, steel joists, and flitch plates help bring a 19th-century... More

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Beefing Up a Brooklyn Brownstone's Floors and Roof

A 100-year-old row house’s structural brick walls are more than adequate for the building’s loads. But the floors and roof? Not so much. Here’s a look at how the architect, engineer, and builder teamed up to get modern performance from a historic structure. More

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Brooklyn Passive House: Sealing the Envelope

In a brick row house in Brooklyn, a builder applies advanced coatings and... More

Cold Snap Tests High-Performance Homes

Cold snaps and power failures have triggered a moment of truth for advanced... More

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Old School Meets High Tech: Air-Sealing a Brick Row House

To achieve the strict air-tightness requirements for a Passive House retrofit, builder Joe Maldonado and Passive House consultant Cramer Silkworth apply a mix of old and new methods. More

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Heavy Lift

Raising 250 tons of house safely above the flood after Hurricane Sandy was just... More

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Stepped Buttresses for a Row House Basement

As part of a major gut-renovation project on a historic Brooklyn row house,... More

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