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New Controversy Over New York Scaffold Law

New York State’s century-old “Scaffold Law” is back in the news, with opponents mounting a new effort to reform the safety rule. More

Flood Risk Splits the South Shore Housing Market

Flood insurance costs are affecting home prices on Long Island’s South Shore, with houses nearer the water selling for less — especially if they haven’t been elevated. More

Ideas to Protect Coasts from Storm Surge

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner! Well, ten winners in the first round of a public-private initiative to develop good ideas for protecting New York and New Jersey from coastal flooding. More

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Thermal Imaging With a Blower Door

Though it's impossible to seal every hole in an existing building to prevent air... More

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Man Rebuilds Sandy-Destroyed House Better — By Himself

Pat Dixon built that. More

Home Elevation Job Goes Bad as Wind Blows House Down

A Long Island couple hit rock bottom last week when their house fell off its temporary supports during a windstorm. More

On Sandy's Anniversary, Progress is Mixed

A year after Hurricane Sandy, press reports describe a halting, partial, and... More

New York Evicts Sandy Victims from Hotel Rooms

A year after Hurricane Sandy, New York City says it can’t keep displaced residents in hotel rooms any more. More

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Researchers Take A Closer Look At Wildfire

Can homes co-exist with nature, when wildfire is part of nature? Scientists are... More

One-Foot-Wide Path to Hamptons Beach Sells for $120,000

How much is a strip of land one foot wide and 1800 feet long worth? Well, when it gives the owner control over beach access, let’s say a little … then a little more. More

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