North Carolina

State Farm Moves to Limit Coastal Exposure
UNC Economists Forecast Better Times in Coastal North Carolina
Windstorm Insurance: In Two States, Higher Rates Ahead~
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Custom Modular for the Coast

Modular designers have shown they can provide upscale packages, but are the homes... More

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Vapor retarders in North Carolina; cost of curved coffered ceiling; hiring illegal immigrants More

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Vapor Retarders and Building Inspectors

Q: I'm building a house in North Carolina, which has a mixed-humid climate (climate zone 3). My local building inspector - backed up by his boss - requires a polyethylene vapor retarder on the interior side of cellulose-insulated walls. My insulation contractor says that interior polyethylene is not only unnecessary in this type of climate, but it may create condensation problems. What should I do? More

Muddy Waters

Few dispute that construction-site erosion poses a significant problem. Muddy... More

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Air Conditioning in Humid Climates

Balancing cooling with humidity control is a tough job in the coastal South. A... More

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Building a Sealed Crawlspace

Sealed, conditioned crawlspaces can reduce callbacks and increase occupant comfort... More

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