The Master of Mud

Bernie Mitchell used his skill as an artist to take drywall finishing to an... More

Declutter Your Work Area with a Hinged Overhead Boom

This cheap home-made shop accessory keeps tools at the ready but cords and hoses out of the way. More

A Super Organized Rolling Work Station

A Canadian cabinet maker used folding scaffolding and lean manufacturing principles to create this amazing system for storing the tools and supplies needed to assemble cabinets. More

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Mud Michelangelo

Some of us struggle to tape a flat joint; this drywall contractor creates... More

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Wood High-Rises In Canada? Not So Fast, Says The Concrete Industry

A proposal to allow six-story wood construction has opposition in Canada. More

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Tight Fit in Toronto

To judge by its dimensions — 45 feet by 6 feet 6 inches — the structure at 128 Day... More

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Practical Foundation Waterproofing

Combined with a working drain, this new type of plastic membrane keeps groundwater out of the foundation while allowing moisture in the concrete to evaporate to the outside. Here’s how it’s installed. More

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Q&A: Estimating Software for Pole Buildings

Q: I recently had the opportunity to bid on a pole building. Do any software companies sell estimating software for post-frame construction? More

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Toolbox: High-Tech Sanding Block

Ergonomic hand-sanding block More

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Successful Fireplaces in Tight Houses

Want to keep the fireplace from smoking your clients out of their living room? The... More

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