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Made in Louisiana, Windmill Towers are Rhode Island-Bound

Oil-rig experts from Houma, Louisiana, are building the 110-foot-deep ocean platforms that will support Rhode Island’s planned offshore windmill power generators. More

A Rhode Island Coastal Town Makes Ready for High Water

In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, some Rhode Island shore dwellers are moving back, while others are moving up. More

Attaching Posts to 2x6 Framing

A PDB author responds to a reader's question about blocking details for guardrail post kits More

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September 2014 Letters

Contractor education requirements, bolts for attaching sills to foundations, energy-saving tips, sprinkler mandate More

Field-Treating Pressure-Treated Pine

Even though it's not required by code, it's a good idea to treat all cuts and penetrations in PT pine with copper naphthenate-if you can find it More

Rhode Island Mulls Contractor Education Requirement

Rhode Island is joining many other states in a move to require builders and remodelers to study up on their profession. More

Rules for Mid-Stair Landings on Decks

Should the landing be treated as part of the stairs, or as a separate deck? More

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A $1.8M Tear Down

A $1.8 million waterfront house built on the wrong lot must be removed More

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Building Structural Brackets for a Balcony Deck

These weatherproof brackets look like they were cut from solid timber, but consist... More

Can't get it here: Cordless Festool Track Saw

The TSC 55 can be run on one or two batteries and is compatible with corded saw accessories. More

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