Training The Trades

JLC senior editor Roe Osborne shares a little taste of what's going on his life... More

Pick the Right Respiratory Device

N95 particulate respirators might be the most common, but they're not always the... More

Nailing Wood Flooring

For securing oak strip flooring, how does hand-nailing compare to using a... More

Contractors Face More Stringent OSHA Standards

New rules involving silica dust and eye protection top the list of changes on the... More

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Ingenious Cord Connector
A New Cord Connector That Protects

Developed by a contractor, this device prevents cords from disconnecting and... More

Review of Iron Dog Tool Gear

A lead carpenter shares his thoughts on this customizable tool belt system. More

A Lightweight, Portable Work Table Base

Here's a look at the Centipede Tool, an expandable multi-legged table base that sets up in seconds for a stable work surface. More

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