Aging in Place

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Building a Zero-Step Entry

Increasing foundation wall heights near the entry and recessing the floor framing... More

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Reroofing With Asphalt Shingles

To ensure a watertight job, don’t skimp on the underlayment. More

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In the News

Sealed crawlspace testing sheds new light on energy performance ; Advanta shuts... More

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21st-Century Greek Revival

Use PVC trim to create a durable version of this classic cornice. More

Xtendex Rice-Hull Composite-Decking Plant Closes

Also: Southern Pine Council offers brochure about wood treatments; 2007 & 2008 events; more More

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Connecting All Contractors

A retrospective on 25 years of builder technology: How did we get here, and where... More

Tricked Out

Made from polymer materials, these durable Splash Guards protect the vehicle's... More

Hip Huggers: Toolbelts

Our East and West Coast carpenters review eight great side-bag toolbelts. More

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Designing Accessible Kitchens

Start with ADA guidelines, but base your kitchen designs on the actual needs and... More

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