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Epoxy and Hybrid Adhesives

New anchoring adhesives from Simpson Strong-Tie have a range of applications in... More

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A Two-Phase Seismic Retrofit

How do you prep a 1930s-era building for the next ‘big one'? By reinforcing... More

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A Partition-Wall Connector That Helps Prevent Drywall Callbacks

Billy Viars of Simpson Strong-Tie Company demonstrates Simpson’s new SDPW Deflector Screw with JLC. Toe-nailing partition walls to trusses can lead to cracks in drywall when loading or when environmental forces are applied. Simpson’s SDPW Screws allow for differential movement between partition top plates and the bottom chord of trusses without damage to the drywall. More

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Anchoring a Post to Old Concrete Steps

The final installation has to be strong enough to pass code. More

Code-Compliant Guardrail Posts

Mike Guertin explains how to make fast, solid, and cost-effective connections by... More

Ledger Bolt Question
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DUC Undercut Anchors Installation Guide

A concrete anchor system with a mechanical connection—not a friction-fit. More

Dock on a Rock Brackets

Adjustable galvanized steel brackets can be bolted to rock to provide a solid base... More

Concrete Advice

Sometimes the extra cost of equipment pays for itself in time saved and better results More

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