Architectural Mesh

Tiling a Deck

Fiberglass grating is a sturdy, drainable substrate option for exterior stone and... More

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Replacing a Screened Porch with a Four-Season Sunroom

There's a lot more to the process than simply replacing the screens with windows. More

Wild Hog Railing Wire Mesh

Openings are small enough to be in compliance with the 4-inch-sphere rule More

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Masonry Through-Wall Flashing at Windows

Enclosing an open second-story deck above a kitchen with through-wall flashing poses some unique challenges. More

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A New Interior for an Antique House

Addressing structural issues first made the interior finish work easier. More

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Saving Cedar Siding...From Squirrels

There are a variety of repellents that will make siding less appetizing to... More

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Skip the Steel When Pouring Fiber-Reinforced Concrete?

Don't expect fiber additives to do the job of properly chaired steel. More

Gorgonz Work Gloves

Gloves feature Toughtek fingertips that provide added dexterity and grip whether wet or dry. More

Launch Time 2006

Hot finds and cool products from this year's STAFDA show, including power-packed... More

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