Benches and Tool Stands

Rugged Site-built Saw Horse

Watch as Tim Uhler transforms scrap sheathing into a tough set of saw horses. More

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A Better Miter Saw Stand

Mark Clement checks out ToughBuilt's TB-S550 miter saw stand, which has up to a 10... More

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Tool Test: Viking Arm Handheld Jack

For lifting or lowering heavy items like cast-iron sinks, this compact jack is a... More

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A More Efficient Jobsite

How a solo contractor can profit - literally - by eliminating wasted time and motion. More

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Tool Test: Festool Kapex KS120 REB Miter Saw

Finish carpenter, Tommie Mullaney reviews the latest iteration of Festool's... More

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Three Levels of Awesome Toolbox

Mark Clement explains why Craftsman's 3-in-1 Rolling Workshop is the perfect... More

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New Tools From STAFDA

From a unique workbench to a powerful cordless chainsaw, here are 15 new tools... More

Gunflint Design Makes a Mega Workbench

From 2x4s to a flipping table top, Gunflint gets serious with joinery. More

Permanent Not Permanent Sawhorses

Framing lumber becomes a thing of utilitarian beauty More

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