Bridges and Culverts

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A Passive House Consultant's Toolkit

The tools needed to design a Passive House aren't difficult to master and were... More

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Town Lattice Truss Bridge For A Bride

Builder Ted Kellogg convinced his bride-to-be that a brand-new covered bridge over... More

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A Bridge From Two Flatcars

Intelligent reuse allows an access driveway to cross a 38-foot span without... More

3x21-Inch Belt Sanders

Beads of sweat collect on my brow whenever I hand out belt sanders during the boat building classes I teach. In the wrong hands these powerful tools can easily do more damage?like sanding through the hull of a boat in seconds?than good. The same is true for belt sanders on the jobsite. A racing abrasive belt under a rookie's guidance might spell disaster for those built-ins, stair parts, or custom oak doors. After years of using these tools for installing finish work and building boats, I've learned that getting a good, flat finish is about control, and control comes from skill, experience, and good tool design. More

15-Gauge Finish Nailers

When I started in the trades 20 years ago, there were only a few pneumatic finish... More

Giant Steps

What do you get when you combine gray and yellow? Graylo? How about when you add a... More

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