Building Codes

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Are Building Codes Keeping Us From a Greener Built Environment?

A review of a new book by Aleksandra Jaeschke explores how building codes may show... More

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Rethinking Closet Ventilation

Joe Lstiburek makes the case for louvered closet doors...or for returns at the... More

Burying Deck Support Posts Below Grade

Glenn Mathewson digs into the new code requirements for installing concrete... More

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How Close Can a Mantel Be to a Fireplace?

Different standards apply to mantel and surround clearances, depending on whether... More

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Single-Point vs. Multi-point Blower Door Testing

Randy Williams explains the difference in these two types of tests, and when it's... More

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The Cocoanut Grove Fire, Lessons Learned

This week marks the 80th anniversary of the deadliest nightclub fire in U.S.... More

Dropping the Deck Ledger

Glenn Mathewson explains how to frame a deck that is flush with the first floor... More

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Inspecting the Inspectors

We asked our readers to weigh in on the building code enforcement process in the... More

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Building a ‘Removable’ Deck

How an engineered design with unusually beefy cantilevered beams allowed part of... More

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Setting Up a Home for a Blower Door Test

Blower door testing a home requires much more than simply setting up the equipment... More

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