Building Permits

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An Efficient Box Truck Build-Out

An organized work vehicle can save you a ton of time and effort, and it might even... More

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Asheville, North Carolina Market Shows Strong Recovery

Builders in Asheville, North Carolina are back to a healthy level of construction — but the houses are smaller and not so pricey. More

More Cooperation Needed

A deck builder writes in that his building department required a soils engineer for a deck on a house more than 25 years old More

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Comeback Milestone: Joplin, Missouri Hits A Billion In Post-Tornado Permits

Rebuilding is not complete, but Joplin’s post-tornado building boom is rolling along. More

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How to Build a Double Winder Stair

Instead of cut stringers, remodeler Dave Holbrook used modular boxes to stack one... More

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Florida County Prepares To Tear Down An Abandoned Project

They’ve stood empty and half-finished since 2006. Now, the county is ready to tear the houses down. More

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Maryland Counties Get Power To Clean Up Nuisance Properties

A new state law lets counties in Maryland take action on run-down properties, ranging from lawn-mowing to repair or demolition. More

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Fire Sprinkler Requirement Snags Business Expansions

Fire sprinklers are controversial in the single-family homebuilding industry. On the commercial side, sprinklers have been widely required for years — but the rule can still catch business owners unaware. Case in point: a restaurant expansion. More

Port Chester (NY) Condo Owners Snared in Building Code Sticky Trap

The Port Chester, New York, building department is playing catch-up on building code paperwork — and leaving some owners stranded in units they can’t sell. More

Zoning, Building Codes, and Red Tape

A New Jersey builder wonders if deck building codes actually make decks safer, or only more expensive to build. More

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