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Getting Started in Infrared Thermography

During the late 1970s and early 1980s, I supervised residential insulation... More

Super Cooper

Walk into Norm Pederson's cooper shop, and you'll feel like you've stepped back... More

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Legal debate; quality-control checklist; call for advice; woodpecker problems; more More

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Steel framing guides More

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Q&A: Straightening a Warped Wood Door

Q: How can I straighten a wood door that has warped? In this case, the bottom rail bows out from the frame. More

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Q&A: Insulating a Flat Roof in a Hot Climate

Q: I am reroofing a flat roof framed with 2x10s on a house in Tucson. The foil-faced batt insulation was installed more than 25 years ago and seems very spotty, so I’d like to replace it while the roof is stripped. Winters are mild here, but the summer heat is brutal. I use both a/c and evaporative cooling depending on the outside humidity level, so humidity inside varies. What’s the best way to insulate the ceiling joists to provide ventilation? And how should I handle the vapor barrier? Since I don’t want to remove the drywall ceiling, is there some way to coat the back of the drywall? Or can a synthetic roof coating be used as a spray-on vapor barrier? More

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Q&A: Squash Blocks & Web Stiffeners

Q: I’ve been using wood I-joists for my floor framing. The designs have called for... More

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Marketing on the Internet, steel doors may present safety hazard, new NAHB performance guidelines, standard remod-eling contract offered More

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On Site With PrimeTrim

This composite trim material is free of defects, and its preprimed surface holds paint longer than solid wood. But to ensure good performance, you must install it correctly. More

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Builder's Library

Residential hvac primer, field guide to house styles More

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