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7 Rules for Choosing a Client

Saying "No" to a job is hard, but Jake Bruton thinks it's sometimes the smartest... More

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The Job-Mobility Factor

One of the seldom mentioned benefits to working in the building trades is the... More

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The Great Employee Wage Debate

The debate, which judges the cost of labor against society’s expectations of... More

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What’s Billable?

Less of a field worker’s time can be billed to jobs than you might think. More

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Finding the Money to Retire Well

When you are a self-employed contractor, it isn't easy to retire with money in the... More

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Insurance Basics for Construction Professionals

In construction, a good insurance broker may be more valuable than a lawyer. More

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Making Retirement Savings Work

In part two of his retirement series, contractor Rob Corbo examines IRA investment... More

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How to Turn High Material Prices to Your Advantage

Long lead times and high prices are not a problem, they're an opportunity. More

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How to Plan for a Volatile Market and Uncertain Future

Why business fundamentals matter even when the client pipeline is full. More

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Hiring to Manage Growth

Construction business expert Melanie Hodgdon offers some good advice on hiring to... More

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