Cap Rates

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Estimating: From Yellow Pad to Excel Spreadsheet

As your business grows, you'll need to develop an estimating system that does more... More

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Can the Housing Market Recover?

Sales of newly built homes surged last month to the highest level since 2008. But overall the housing market's slipped. More

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Surviving Tough Times

Take these common-sense steps to help your business weather a slowdown. More

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Frozen Polyurethane Glue

Q: The label on my bottle of Rhino Ultra Glue states (in capital letters) "Keep from freezing," but doesn't say what to do if you don't. Can polyurethane glues be thawed and reused? When they freeze and then thaw, is it obvious that they've been affected? Even though these glues are pretty expensive, I'm wondering if my small $13 bottle needs to be thrown out because I accidentally left it in the truck overnight. More

New Pro Tool Lines

Power tool shelf space is getting more crowded, as still more pro tool companies... More

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Improve Your Cash Flow

Many contractors complain bitterly about their lack of cash flow. That's no surprise, given that employees, subs, and vendors all expect to be paid — whether or not the customer has paid the company. More

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Investing in Real Estate

You've got the skills, and financing is available. You just need to make the first... More

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Keep Your License Current

The California Supreme Court recently made a decision that I personally disagree... More

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Preventing The Cash-Flow Crunch

If you don't front-load your payment schedule, you may find that the cash crunch... More

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Financing Spec Homes

A builder tells how he uses banks, home equity, subordination agreements, and private investors to get the money to build on spec. More

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