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Rescuing a Round-Top Window

Improved weatherproofing details around the window help, but the real key is the... More

Better Porch Stairs

Manny Silva explains how to pattern-rout deck stair stringers and trim for a... More

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The Secret to a Perfect Baseboard Fit? A Preacher Block

Chicago carpenter Marlon Rodriguez (@carpentry_bymar on Instagram) demonstrates... More

Tool Test: Castle 110 Pocket Cutter

Gary Striegler reviews a pocket hole machine that uses a router instead of a drill... More

Tool Test: Kapro Ledge-It Square

This 'try square on steroids' delivers accuracy and innovative features at a... More

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Adding Hand-Hewn Beams to a Finished Ceiling

These vintage beams aren't structural, but still require careful cutting and... More

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Building a Budget-Conscious Deck

Jeremy Kassel demonstrates how smart details and good craftsmanship can add value... More

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Efficient Custom Cabinet Construction

How a Maryland builder uses Lamello Zeta P2 mechanical biscuits to make shop-built... More

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Elegy for an American Hardwood

Once a common wood in most East Coast and Appalachian houses, chestnut is now... More

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Making a Bullnose Baseboard Corner

Using glue, special clamps, and masking tape, Marlon Rodriguez (carpentry_bymar on... More

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