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Clips for flat tiles; mounting blocks; aluminum-and-glass railing; crawlspace ventilation; fibercement siding panels; more More

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Setting Mudsills on Out-of-Level Foundations

Grinding down highs is an option, but Tim Uhler says that filling in the low spots... More

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How to Fix Hairline Cracks in Stucco

Veteran plastering contractor Ron Webber has a quick trick that works better than... More

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IRC sprinkler rule misinformed; rain screen for cement stone veneer; adequate drainage More

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Cutting The Dust From Fiber Cement

Specialized tools make for cleaner air and a healthier crew. More

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JLC Extra: Cutting Fiber Cement - Sources of Supply and Information

This list contains links to various related sources: manufacturers mentioned in the story; makers of circular blades; other articles about safe cutting practices; and MSDS sheets for fiber cement. More

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Decorative Shingling With Fiber Cement

Pattern shingles can be efficiently produced on site from fiber-cement lap siding. More

Launch Time: Striker Carbide Utility Score

The Carbide Utility Score from Striker features a sharp, V-shaped carbide scoring... More

Product Watch: Ridgid 5-Inch Fiber Cement Saw

Ridgid's R3400 5-inch fiber cement saw features the Airguard on-board active dust... More

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PacTool International Siding Gauges

Hang fiber-cement siding by yourself and guarantee the right exposure with a pair... More

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