Change Orders

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How to Accurately Price Change Orders

Here's how to avoid inaccurately priced change orders, which are one of the main... More

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Straight Talk About Change Orders

With picky clients, change orders are essential. Here's how to make sure they... More

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This Mistake Nearly Put Me Out of Business

Matt Risinger comes clean on how he lost his shirt early in his career for not having a good change-order process More

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Getting Change Orders Right

A change is a change, and if that change originated with the client, you deserve... More

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No Written Change Order?

Your contract requires written change orders, but for some reason you don't get one in writing. Can you still get paid? More

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Tracking Changes With Variance Purchase Orders

This month I want to talk about one of the most important aspects of a purchasing... More

Change Orders Protect Your Profits
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Boosting Revenue With Change Orders

Clearly, change orders are a vital piece of our business model, and they don’t... More

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Profiting From Allowances

I don't much like allowances, which let homeowners postpone decisions that really... More

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Making Change Orders Work for You

Many of the costly owner/contractor disputes I see in my legal practice involve... More

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