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Giving Back

For many carpenters, it's part of what they do. More

Woman Surprised With a New Deck

An elderly Colorado Springs, Colo., woman bilked of $6,000 by a builder who... More

New Jersey “Charity” Catches Heat from State

New Jersey authorities have sued a fledgling non-profit raising money for Hurricane Sandy victims, charging that the self-styled charity is making questionable claims and suspicious money transfers. More

Christmas Blizzard Smacks Northeast Coast Hard

Christmas Blizzard Smacks Northeast Coast Hard~ More

Pneumatic Nailers for Framing Hardware

Rookie framers always get stuck with the worst work, like cutting out doorplates and knocking down braces. They also get stuck doing work that's just plain miserable, like nailing off joist hangers. Anyone who's ever been sent into the dungeon to back-nail hangers knows what I'm talking about: trying to drive tiny nails in a confined space over your head. Pneumatic nailer manufacturers, however, seem to have heard our prayers (and curses), and are building tools that make the task of installing framing hardware faster and easier. More

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