Codes and Standards

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Connecting Guard Posts to Deck Frames

Mike Guertin shows how screws and blocking can be used to make strong guard post... More

Guards, Handrails, and the 2021 IRC

Glenn Mathewson explains the new code requirements for guards and handrails on decks. More

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Webinar: Plastic Composite Decking Codes and Standards

Learn all about plastic composite decking products and the codes and standards... More

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Solutions for Stronger, Safer Decks

Get up to speed on DCA6's best practices for designing and building residential... More

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Webinar: Deck Posts and the Code

Tune in Tuesday, November 9 to hear Glenn Mathewson explain how to size deck posts... More

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Air-Sealing Code Update

The 2021 model energy code is being hailed as the most significant change in... More

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A Calculator to Right-Size Water Lines

IAPMO’s Water Demand Calculator brings pipe sizing into the twenty-first century. More

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Meeting the New Code Requirements for Guard Construction

Glenn Mathewson describes the new guard post requirements in the 2021 IRC, and... More

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Letter to the Editor: Euro Lumber in the Marketplace

Don Pridgen adds a wealth of insight on the differences between European and U.S.... More

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